Stitch Fix #1

I heard about this through Facebook a few months back, I talked to my husband about signing up. I decided to go for it for a few reasons. 1. Finding age appropriate clothes for a 25 year old is difficult… I’m too old for Juniors, but women’s clothes just don’t seem to work for me either! I typically try on something from both, settle, then put it all back. 2. Quality. I tend to buy clothes from Ross, Target.. etc. Nothing wrong with that for some items, t-shirts, pajamas, etc. But I’ve found some things just wear out or shrink horribly… Quality > Quantity. 3. Fit. I still wear some of the same bottoms I wore when I was 15, so until I have babies, I don’t expect my size to change too much. I know if I spend the money on quality clothes, it’s gonna last me.

Anyway, today it finally came and I was SO EXCITED. It was like my birthday, except I had to pay for it. 😀


The letter from my personal stylist, Monica. I loved this detail, I wasn’t sure how computer-generated this would feel. I really feel like Monica is looking out for me! It’s awesome.


The first item I pulled out was this BEAUTIFUL Cobalt Blue Esten Button-up Sleeveless Shirt from Collective Concepts ($54). I loved the cards that showed you what to pair it with. For the first try, I just put on the jeans included.


Monica was totally right about the jeans, oddly enough – they were too long for me! This rarely happens. I loved the color & the fit otherwise, I just wished they were about an inch shorter. They were a size 6 Level 99 Buster Bootcut Jean ($124).


Here’s those two items together on me! Excuse the picture quality, my husband wasn’t nearly as excited as I was. I really loved the color of the shirt, I need to embrace vibrant colors. It was a tiny bit tight on my shoulders (this is a normal problem for me… ), and it’s not fitted at all around the waist, which I didn’t find as flattering for this shirt. And, like I said.. the jeans were too long. I’m wearing heels in this picture, and they are still about 1/2 inch too long. I’d love to have them as my night on the town jeans.. if I can get the right length 🙂 P.S. It’s no makeup.. wednesday.. right? 😉


Alright.. so next on the list was the White Fate Damsel Crochet Knit Cardigan ($58). Gotta say, this was actually my least favorite item. Maybe I just don’t know how to style it right.  I didn’t have anything that really fit with the style guide, so I did my best with a plain dress & wedges.


I think what bothered me was the length.. and the fabric. I’m a texture person, and it was just a little too scratchy for my taste.


I’m saving what I actually bought for last. So, second to last is this cute little bracelet. This is the Turqouise Zad Vanessa Beaded Wrap Bracelet ($28). I actually think it’s adorable, but for the sake of watching our budget (did I mention we’re buying a house!) – I refrained from spending the money on it. I rarely wear jewelry anyway. Monica did good though, I tend to wear more gold than silver (I know, I’m an oddball!! :))


And last but not least! The Light Green Pomelo brand Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt ($54). It really came down to this one and the Cobalt shirt. I really liked both, but I couldn’t ignore the comfort and quality of this one. It’s unique, and still in my comfort zone.


When I pulled it out of the box, I wasn’t so sure.. but once it was on, I loved it! And Andrew did too, which says somethin’. (Again sorry for the poor quality photos! Will do better next time!) First I tried it on with the jeans included, then tried with it’s style guide suggestion of white jeans.. loved the look, especially for spring! Image

There you have it, all five items. For those interested in the $$ side of things, the total of all items was $318, with the 25% discount & deducted Styling Fee, it was 223.50. Since I just decided on the Chevron Henley – which was $54, minus the $20 I was already going to spend for the Fees.. the shirt was technically $34. I wish it was free like the men’s services, but oh well.

I’ve already packaged the items in the prepaid envelope they include. I filled out the survey online, and gave them all my feedback! My next fix is scheduled for May 9th. I’m really pleased with the service! For those interested in signing up, here’s the link!

Sign up for Stitch Fix!



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