Stitch Fix #6 – My Birthday Box!

So, I took a few months off of Stitch Fix to reallocate the funds to go towards gifts for Christmas. But I decided I would order another for my birthday, which I’m SO glad I did. This is my favorite box yet, and “if I was a rich girl… nananana”….. (Gwen Stefani anyone?)… I would probably buy it all. The quality in this box just amazed me, good job Paige!

Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer by 41Hawthorn ($78)

Size: Medium

Color: Black

Well, if you know me, you know I have a very difficult time fitting into structured shoulders. I have very wide shoulders for a girl, which makes blazers almost impossible to find. What I really need to do is buy whatever size fits my shoulder, and get the waist tailored. My most recent suit purchase, I bought a 10 in the jacket & a 4 in the pants… awkward. Anyway, this jacket was actually REALLY close to fitting me well. The shoulders still felt a tad too small. It is a stretchy fabric and the 3/4 sleeves are great for my long arms. I’m actually going to request they send this exact item in a large, and I will buy it… then have the waist tailored.


Cassandra Cut Out Detail Sleeveless Blouse by Skies are Blue ($48)

Size: Medium

Color: Dark Pink

I like the color of the blouse, but I didn’t find the fit all that flattering. I’ve gotten a few of these types of shirts, and I never seem to like them so much. Maybe I just don’t wear them with the right accessories. Irregardless, it doesn’t seem like the quality = price.

Sierra Solid Cotton Infinity Scarf by Look by M ($32)

Color: Light Green

Beautiful scarf, I really love the color – especially with what she sent in the box. Unfortunately, I’m just not willing to pay $32 for a scarf, especially since I live in Florida & I can sew a scarf in two seconds.


Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan by Market and Spruce ($68)

Size: Medium

Color: Navy

Very well made cardigan, I really like the fabric & weight… Didn’t like it as much on me. I have plenty of light weight sweaters, which is all I really need… considering it’s the beginning of January and it’s 84 degrees outside. Oh Florida. *My friend K, the photographer, ended up buying the cardigan from me. Hehe*


Yoko Sleeveless Tie Waist Floral Print Dress by Coconinno ($98)

Size: Medium

Color: Grey

Ok, this item… I just fell in love with it. I love the fabric, I love the style, I love the fit. I love that it has hummingbirds on it. I love the way it ties at the waist. I love that it twirls. The fabric is great, it feels very well made. Needless to say, this was the item I chose. It’s more than I’d regularly spend, but hubby & I agreed it could be my birthday present. This dress is going to last me for years, it’s so classic!

stitchfix5dress2 It went great with the clutch from my 4th Fix! … which I never blogged. =(

StitchFix4Clutch And it twirl. Love. Love. LOVE.


So, that’s the box. Definitely my favorite, there was nothing I didn’t like – if I wanted to spend all this on it. And if I did.. here’s how that would break down.

Merchandise Total – ($324)

Styling Fee & 25% Buy 5 Discount – (-$96)

Total – $228.00

I’m still loving this service, it’s such a treat. For budget reasons, I have been doing them less often, however I love the quality items they have sent & I have purchased so far. None of the items have shrunk or come apart, and I wear all of them probably once a week. I believe I took Jewelry off my style profile, simply because I didn’t find I liked any enough to purchase. Last time I got a purse, which I purchased (and love!)… and this time a scarf. Things I’m honestly more likely to wear and use. I love how careful they are to follow closely to what you want, but still push you in a little more style. If you’re interested in signing up, click here! It’s $20 per box, which is deducted from the total if you purchase an item. If you click my link, I get referral money for the next Fix! 🙂 Call it my birthday gift, eh? 🙂

Find it,



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