Stitch Fix #2


Amid all our moving chaos I received my second Stitch Fix! I did really well with not even looking at the clothing sections or stores for the month! I did buy some new shorts, as my shorts from 10 years ago finally gave out. I can’t be too hard on myself for that though! Stitch Fix is more for nicer outfits anyway, I’m not even sure they send shorts. Anyway! Here’s some photos of my May Stitch Fix prepared by the stylist Karina.

First up was this sweet Kaitland Spade Charm Long Necklace from Pixley ($36). I liked the look of it, but it’s got to take something seriously special to buy jewelry. I wear so little of it, so rarely. I have a few pieces from my husband I wear all the time… but as far as style I just don’t. I’m considering taking jewelry off my request, but I’ll give it a few more months.

ImageNext up was the Jake Slim Boot Cut Jeans by Just Black ($88). These were a size 28, but they were a lower rise jean, which I’ve learned I’m not a fan of for the most part. Mid-rise is my friend for comfort (my husband disagrees and calls them grannie jeans, lol). They were a tiny bit tight on me as well. I liked the length, but didn’t love the cut on me. If they had sent the jeans from my first stitch in a shorter length, I would have been very tempted to take the leap and get them. I’m glad they didn’t though, that would have made my decision SO much harder.


Here are the jeans paired with the Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee from Pomelo ($44). I really liked this shirt, it’s very much like the other Pomelo shirt I bought last stitch, super comfortable. I loved that it was different as far as style goes. I ended up not getting it, simply for budget reasons. I felt like it was pretty similar to last months purchase – and I’m trying to be diverse!

Imagepomelo indianan graphic print mixed material tee

I had to use a timer for these photos since my hubs was out of town for work. Haha, I asked him ever so nicely if he can help me with my photos in the future. You have no idea how many of these had our pup Roux jumping into the photo. Anyone know of some good blogger beginner photography tutorials? 🙂

Like I said, I love this top. The gray cotton front was so soft, while the back was this really cool silky type fabric. It came down to this and my happy sailboat dress that you’ll see soon.

Second to last was from 41Hawthorn, the Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse in Off-White ($48). I thought this shirt looked pretty good – but the fit was a little tight on my shoulders (a normal problem for me). I’m also not a huge fan of sheer shirts, because I feel I need to wear a tank top under.. and the more layers the worse it is in Florida. My friend received the same shirt in pink, and it was less see through – and she bought it! 🙂

colibri solid tab sleeve blouse stitch fix

Last but not least! The Tammi Sailboat Print Fit & Flare Dress from 41Hawthorn (68$). Karina send this because it reminded her of Florida and I can’t agree more! It’s a perfect for a July BBQ in our new backyard! It’s definitely much bolder than anything I’ve really purchased, but I thought it was just adorable. I enjoyed the fit of it, the neckline, the length, and the awesome way the side gathers within the dress instead of a tie around. Also, the little sailboats reminded me of patriotic candy corn… and I do love candy corn.


So there you have it! If we hadn’t have just wrote a huge check for a down payment on our (awesome!) house, I probably would have gotten the Pomelo shirt. Just to give you more detail on the prices, I’ll give you the totals. If I had purchased all 5 items, it would total $284, minus the $20 styling fee and the 20% discount for purchasing everything, it would be $198.

I delayed my next fix to July 15th, somewhat by accident. I really wanted to move it to the end of the month, but July was the only next available time if I wanted to change it. They also changed their order cycles for those interested to every 2-3 weeks, once a month, or bi-monthly. So, there will be no June Stitch Fix for me… but don’t worry, I’ll be back in July!

Check out my April Stitch Fix if you’re interested in seeing what else Stitch Fix has to offer! I definitely recommend their service! It’s easy and convenient. I love trying the clothes on in my own home and seeing what clothes I have that coordinate with what they’ve sent. I can walk around in my most comfy heels while I dance in a dress to see how well it twirls. It’s saved me time by me not walking around stores looking and trying to figure out what style or section I should be looking at. What a treat this is!

If you’re interested in signing up, here’s a link! Sign Me Up!

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