Stitch Fix #4

Yay, Stitch Fix #4! I skipped one month for finances, which I think is a great feature. I am skipping September as well – but come October I’ll be ready for my next Fix!

This box was probably my least favorite (cue sad music). Whether it was fit or value, it just wasn’t working for me. I did end up buying 1 item out of pure fitness motivation. Let’s see what was in the box! This box was designed by Daniela.

Also, a BIG thanks for my best friend Kristin for taking these photos!

Raiya 3/4 Sleeve Vneck Floral Shift Dress by Renee C. ($74)  Size: Medium

I loved the color scheme of this dress, and didn’t hate the style.. it just didn’t fit quite right. The fabric had no give, so my shoulders were very restricted in movement (something I’ve warned them about when picking clothes for me). Also, notice how the bottom hem line is crooked? I thought it was the belt, but even without it was off.




Maybelle Striped Sheer Bank Tank by Papermoon ($38)   Size: Medium

I just didn’t like this, lol. Too baggy, too boring, too sheer, not a big stripe fan, or hi-lo fan. Next!

IMG_7601rach04 rach02

So, the story with the jeans. I tried them on the day I got back from vacation, about 5#’s heavier… and I was disgusted. 1. Because they were a size 2, which I am a size 6… so that just baffled me. Anyway, I gave it two days.. tried them on again, and was happier. I loved how they fit my legs & rear… The waist was just a tiny bit tight still…. but.. size 2? Ok! This is the item I ended up keeping… as motivation to continue to fit in them. The hubs was a fan of them, too.

Jordy Slim Bootcut Jean by Kensie Jeans ($68).   Size: 2   Color: Light Blue


Ruben Tab-Sleeve Open Cardigan by Splendid ($78)   Size: M   Color: Light Grey

This sweater just upset me. It was REALLY cute, and comfortable. But…$78? For a simple knit cardigan? I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It was a great cut & fit though.

IMG_7602 DSC01128Isn’t it cute? Can’t believe it was the most expensive item in the box though! Eh well.

Last but not least, my second favorite… almost bought it shirt.

Diaz Embroidery & Crochet Detail Cotton Top by Brixon Ivy ($74)  Size: M

I really liked this top, the style was different but very “Rachel”…  There’s a small part that wishes I had gotten it.

IMG_7604 DSC01130 DSC01131


That’s all for August’s Fix! I opted out of jewelry for now, since I never seem to buy it. I liked getting 5 clothing items, that’s why I’m doing this in the first place!

Had I liked all of these items it would have cost $332, minus the $20 styling fee & 25% buy all discount, which would total $234.

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