The House That Built Me.


I had to go back to my childhood home today to take care of some rental business for daddy. I hadn’t been there in almost 4 years. Even though those 4 years went by so fast – it seems that home stands still in time. The trees have grown, the paint has faded, but the memories are frozen in my mind. Unlike most things in the freezer though – these are warm. It warmed my heart today as I reflected on the moments that came flooding back to my mind – I guess you could say I was on defrost. Who knew I could remember such things?

The first night we stayed there sleeping on the living room floor watching the tiny white TV. I remember watching workers Installing the coolest pool ever. Doing swings on my door frame chin up bar, and Dad bumping his head on it every night when he came to tuck me in. Playing that police video game with Anthony on the computer, and don’t forget smack down! Practicing on the homemade balance beam, mattresses, and anything else I could monkey around on.. Of course with mom’s expert spotting skills. Chloe running head first into the glass door. And chasing lizards. Aw, remember Sophie? That was short lived, RIP. I think Chloe will be out on bail soon. Remember our sad attempt at a gingerbread house Mom? Yeah that wasn’t edible when we were finally done, haha! Oh gosh, and my 12th birthday party, when I wore blue eye shadow and an ungodly amount of glitter, not to mention toilet paper dresses! Remember how I named the palm trees when we moved in… Spike and ?? I can’t remember. I do remember that GIANT frog, mom running over snakes with the lawn mower, and the crazy toilet squirrel. Oh goodness, tons of sleepovers with Sara and Kristin… which almost always includes horrible, unflattering pictures of ourselves. I can remember redecorating my bathroom, spilling red nail polish on the brand new carpet (sorry mom!), asking for a Pepto pink bedroom, learning to hang my own shelves, rearranging my room once a month… I do love a good project. I remember thinking “Eww!” when mom and dad were lovey, when all I can think now is “Aw, they’re amazing”. Because the tables are turning. I am beginning to understand the effort marriage takes. I’m on the verge of creating all these memories for one of my own. No, not yet guys… But soon.

It’s crazy how many memories revolve around home – but mostly, around the people you have shared every memory of home with. Family dinners, hour long porch swing talks, going on long walks with the dogs… We had it good, we are so blessed. To all the people in my life then, who experienced the house that built me – Mom, Dad, Onny, Sara, Kristin, Em, Sophie, the Luppino clan, and my sweet dog Chloe. I love you! Thanks for the memories. And to my loving husband, this may explain my “nesty”ness. Apparently, I love this sentimental stuff 🙂 I can’t wait to make and share memories with you and our future LilG’s!

I very well might lose myself in this big ol’ world.. But I will not forget who I am.

Find it,


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