Well… how about that. :)

Thought you’d be interested to know, that Hub’s got the results back from endoscopy & colonoscopy. Both came back fairly normal… and with no sign of Celiac Disease. The doctor believes all his issues are being caused by stress, diet, and lack of exercise. I couldn’t say I disagree – but I didn’t realize how much stress could do to the body. So… right now I think we’re both having mixed feelings. I think he was getting to be happy either way, I was a pretty good GF chef. I am a little bitter at the moment for having spent a lot of time, money, and energy learning how to eat/live/cook gluten-free. But hey, I learned something right? Then, there is part of me that is SO excited to be truly free in the kitchen again. We do still need to clarify with the family doctor whether or not he has a wheat allergy. Andrew said the MD said he did, but looking at the allergy tests doesn’t even show a test for wheat. So…we are now feeling unsure. Either way, a wheat allergy isn’t near as extremely or detrimental to health as Celiacs. We are blessed, and excited by this news. It truly came just in time for our summer vacation! We learned over our anniversary trip that traveling gluten-free can be a real nightmare.

I’m thankful to have learned about a lifestyle I had never experienced prior to this. I’m thankful to have learned about all the many flours we have the ability and privilege of using. I’m thankful to have grown in my empathy for people living with the disease.

I would consider being gluten-free regardless, but honestly, I’m a chef. Plus, even when I was eating gluten-free, I noticed no difference in me. But… I really didn’t have any issues to begin with.. I’ve learned that I have a pretty tough tummy. Except with spicy food. O_O

P.S. Anyone want some cookbooks? 😉


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