His&Her Office

While being inspired about the craft closet, I also wanted to keep in mind the Hubs. This is his space too after all. Which is why I decided on the grey and yellow color scheme. I found some awesome curtains at Ikea which felt modern but still whimsical. Then, I got cheap bookshelves from Walmart to help with the storage issues. The rug was a $20 dollar Ikea find. I rearranged, painted, and tada! I must say, this is my first evening really enjoying the space – I feel so at peace. Everything is in it’s place. At least in this room anyway…. 😉


His&HerOfficeFront HisHerOffice1 HisHerOffice2 HisHerOffice3 HisHerOfficePSILY HisHerOfficeRoux

Roux Approves!

Find it,




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