2013 Nesting Goals

Call me a bird, I’m definitely a nester. I have big dreams for this house, even though it’s not really our dream house. I’m trying to keep my priorities in line, by buying things that have the character that I want, not necessarily what goes with this house. I have some projects for this year, some are organizational and some are just decorative.

1. Living Room Mantel: We’re planning to paint the downstairs a light beige, I’m tired of being in this hot cocoa colored room! I had that stick on Eifel tower because it was cheap and cute – but it got destroyed over Christmas when I took the top three off. A mirror doesn’t work on it, it just reflects the ceiling fan, not cute. The mantel is pretty high, so it’s a little bit awkward. I am planning to get a big frame for one of our wedding photos.


 2. The Nook: This isn’t our table set, it’s a roommates. I’ll be searching on Craigslist to find something cute. I’d like a white country table with chairs, not stools. I need to replace the handles on the closet, because they are different, lol. Then new window treatments, that rod is super flimsy. On our wishlist is new floors, but that’s a big ticket item so we’ll see.


 3. Cabinets Finished: They’ve been painted (yay!), but they need handles. I was originally thinking black, but I’m leaning towards a brushed silver look now I think.  Another *dream* item is new counter tops, something darker to tie in our black appliances. And if that happens, then I’d like to tile a blacksplash in.


4. The Craft Closet/Someday Nursery Closet: Since we may, or may not be here when we have children, I need this to be a versatile closet. It’s in our office/craft room, and clearly it’s a hot mess. I need to get some organizational units or the closet organizer. It would be helpful if this does turn into a nursery in the future.


5. The Harry Potter closet under the stairs. I don’t have a picture of this, because I hate it so much. It’s a death trap, I fall every time I try to get in there. Once I figure out the solution, I’ll post a before and after. Until then I’ll just continue to despise it.

6. Master Bedroom: Also lacking a picture of this, but I’d like to paint both of our wood dressers, I’m not sure what color yet. And create some sort of theme for the bedroom, preferably light and relaxing. Right now it’s very dark and depressing for me. The walls are baby blue with one very dark navy wall. It’s just not working for me.

Since this house is pretty much a plain empty box, inside and out – we have lots of ideas of how we could make it better. But, we also don’t envision ourselves living here in 10 years, so we’re trying to prioritize our projects by what will help the value of the home first, then finding pieces that we love to fit wherever we live throughout the years. Here’s to a year of organization and DIY!

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2 responses to “2013 Nesting Goals

  1. So much to do! I think a big frame would look great on that mantle. Reflecting ceiling fans are definitely awkward. If you really want to bring in some light, you could try a frosted mirror perhaps? Can’t wait to see what you do in these spaces!

    • Haha, yeah, I have big dreams on a baby budget. We’ll see how much I can get done this year! I have just acquired the skill of antiquing mirror for a project at a restaurant I’m helping open, I might try something like that for home… We’ll see what inspires me first! 🙂

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