We’re just another Paraducks.

Another first for this Gassen couple! We competed in our first “race” together yesterday afternoon! It’s called Scavenger Dash, it tours the U.S. year around!

There are 12 clues that require a picture, a piece of evidence, or the completion of a challenge. You only need to get 11 of the 12, the last one is an insurance policy if you incorrectly complete one. You can complete them in any order, so it’s a lot about your strategy. Our first step was to locate all of our stops (what we thought were right) on the map – then draw our route. Here’s a photo journey of our afternoon “racing” through downtown! We walked probably 5 miles, from Wall St. to Lake Eola to Chinatown on Colonial drive to the new Amway and Church Street. There were a lot of clues based on artwork around the city, which is something I hadn’t paid much attention to until yesterday. Orlando does lack a certain culture that other cities have, but it’s not as bad as I thought!

20130121-084756.jpg20130121-084831.jpg 20130121-084840.jpg 20130121-084914.jpg 20130121-084851.jpg 20130121-084924.jpg 20130121-084932.jpg 20130121-084944.jpg 20130121-084956.jpg 20130121-085005.jpg 20130121-085014.jpg 20130121-085021.jpg 20130121-085027.jpg 20130121-085033.jpg


Sorry for the extreme delay on this post! I forgot I saved it as a draft while I was waiting to upload the pictures! It was a great experience for us as a couple, it’s fun to see how each other functions under strange conditions. Hope you enjoyed! I’ll be working on a post about our anniversary trip this week!


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