The BIG List of “Date” Ideas


I considered keeping this a private list, then I thought, that’s selfish. What if there are other couples out there like us? We need ideas. Some of these are really cheap, cheesy, and creative. Some of them are fancier. Some of them are just silly. Some are a little crazy. This list was complied for my Date Night Draw Project. A date doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave the house, a lot of these are cheap at home dates.

Theme Nights can be as simple or complicated as you want. My thoughts were make a dinner and watch a movie from that theme. You could go as far as attempting to speak, act, and dress like it too. Could be fun. Or totally weird. I put a few in the list, but you can make it whatever you want. Harry Potter themed, Italian themed, Land before Time themed (lol).

  1. Dinner in Backyard
  2. Western Theme Night
  3. Picnic on beach
  4. Picnic inside (We did this once, it was lovely)
  5. Dessert night – Dessert before dinner? How about dessert instead of dinner!
  6. Dress up but stay in
  7. Movie on the couch
  8. Board games
  9. Read together
  10. Go outside and read together
  11. Candlelit dinner
  12. Mix CD night – Make a CD that reminds you of each other
  13. Dance Party for Two
  14. Splurge on cheese, fruit, crackers, wine
  15. Back rubs
  16. Candlelit bedroom
  17. Cook something together
  18. Make a cocktail
  19. Play video games
  20. Trilogy night
  21. Sports Theme Night
  22. Breakfast in bed
  23. Bed and breakfast
  24. Dinner at a fancy place
  25. Toys R Us game night – Each pick a game to buy and play at home
  26. College Football game
  27. Hotel for a night
  28. Concert of her choice
  29. Concert of his choice
  30. Weekend getaway
  31. Couples massage
  32. Chopped challenge
  33. Fondue night
  34. Puzzle and pizza
  35. Popcorn and chick flick
  36. Suspense movie
  37. Crisswords
  38. Set a new record 😉
  39. Laser tag
  40. Go carts
  41. Bowling
  42. Put-put
  43. Re-live first date
  44. Drive-in date
  45. Mexican night and movie
  46. Coffee date
  47. Choose a page in book and create a custom love letter by blacking out words/phrases
  48. Build a tent inside
  49. Astronomy night
  50. Pillow fight
  51. Sketch blue print of dream house
  52. Dream house must-haves
  53. Deliver sweets to neighbors
  54. Plan 5 yr anniversary vacation
  55. Teach Spousel something
  56. Pottery place
  57. Make our own work of art
  58. Flea market
  59. Goodwill, buy something for each other under 10$
  60. Favorite childhood movies
  61. Write in our traveling journal
  62. Make a car out of household things and race them
  63. Lake Eola picnic
  64. Video date
  65. Letter date – pick a letter, everything that night starts with that letter
  66. Bubble bath
  67. Dollar store date night
  68. Time capsule
  69. Three reasons we like each other
  70. Sweet surprises week
  71. 15 words to describe each other, file away or frame
  72. Personality tests online
  73. Childhood cartoons
  74. TGIF night! Throwback to Boys Meets World, Full House, Step by Step
  75. Design a output course
  76. Indoor rock climbing
  77. Batting cage
  78. Bet on everything night – Small wagers, of course.
  79. Make a movie – You be the stars!
  80. Geocache – Look it up!
  81. Hide and seek in public places
  82. Create a scavenger hunt
  83. Watch a documentary
  84. Write a fictional story together
  85. Arcade
  86. Comedy show
  87. Restaurant hop
  88. Roller rink
  89. Create alter egos and meet for date
  90. Pedicures
  91. Go to piano bar
  92. Sports bar for game
  93. Farmers market dinner
  94. Go to bookstore and leave notes for future readers
  95. Create photo evidence of an adventure that didn’t happen
  96. Build forts and have nerf war
  97. Go to airport for cheapest soonest flight to anywhere, stay for the night
  98. Sunrise breakfast, nap, stay for the day
  99. Rent movie never seen, mute, create dialogue
  100. Ice Skating!
  101. Find as many photo booths as we can in a night
  102. Double date to a Tapa’s bar
  103. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  104. Skydiving

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