Hello 24. And no, not the T.V. Show.

So, this is 24. Who knew I’d ever get here? I’m not overly excited about this birthday, it’s kinda a blah number. What I’m really excited for is next year. Not only will I be the great number of 25, but I have this letter I wrote to myself when I turned 18, and before that when I was 15? or 16? – and I get to open it next year! I love surprising myself with, well, myself! It’s interesting to see the priorities of my younger self. See where I thought I’d be at this point. It’s a good thing I have a horrible memory too, I can’t remember a thing I wrote in that letter! Anyway, I’m not posting anything of true interest today. I just wanted to share! Be on the lookout for my next post about the Date Night Draw Jar that I made for Hub’s and myself! It’s super cute, and I’m really excited about it!


Find it,



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