Sweet Love.

This past Tuesday our bible study group “threw” a wedding for a young couple in the group! The couples story is very sweet. They just wanted something simple, which in this day-and-age is a beautiful thing. We get so wrapped up in the details of the celebration, that we sometimes forget the reason for the celebration itself. Anyway, I felt like our group thoroughly enjoyed showing God’s love to them through this event. I was lucky enough to be the cupcake maker! They were a great success, from what I hear. I taste tested so much through the day that by the time of the wedding, I was sugared out. I wasn’t sure what flavors they liked, so I went pretty safe with a Red Velvet & Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting, and a Vanilla cake filled with Strawberry Jam and topped with Strawberry Buttercream. Here’s a few pictures from it. Sorry, not many!






This is just me holding sweet baby Walter… He’s so cute!

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