Holiday Project Wish List!

I’ll be posting about the wedding weekend sometime this week, but until I have that all in order, you get my project wish list!

I’ll just admit it now, I’m a Christmas freak. If I could be Santa.. or even an Elf, I would be. Christmas is the only time I wish I lived up north. There is something so charming to me about coming inside from the cold to warm up in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa and the ones you love the most. But, in Florida, rarely does that happen. As in never.

In the future, I will be focusing more on Thanksgiving decor. But right now, as I’m building my collection of holiday decorations, I’ve got to start small.

Here are some of the projects I’m hoping to have done by the holidays *crosses fingers*:

1. Mantel Sign (with a Rachel twist, of course)

2. Burlap Stocking (If I can get my hands on a sewing machine.. )


3. Burlap Ornaments to match


4. Christmas Pillows


5. Pine Cone tablescape

6. Wine Cork wreathe


Ironically, all these “in” decorations.. are easily at my finger tips. I’ve got hundreds of wine corks, and probably 20 more yards of burlap! Hopefully with these resources, I can get these projects done for very little! That’s the goal at least. I’ll update you as they come.. I’m currently working on the mantel sign. I’m super excited about it!


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5 responses to “Holiday Project Wish List!

  1. Love it! I just got a sewing machine eek! I have no idea how to use it but I’m going to try my first ever sewing project this weekend šŸ™‚ I know right, a crafter that can’t sew?


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