Garage Sale Finds!

This past weekend, our town was having a HUGE community garage sale.  We don’t garage sale often, but we figure with so many participating it’d be fun. And it was! If I hadn’t of had to head to work, I would have been out there another 4 hours at least! Here’s my finds.

Wooden Side Table & Coffee Table – 30$ (Coffee table needs a facial, but no major damage)

Teal Cake/Planter Stands – 3 for 5$

Tart Pan – 6$ (More than I wanted to spend, =/)

Football Cake Pan – 2$

Revolving Cake Stand – $10 (also more than I wanted.. I’m not a good bargainer)

Quaker & Nestle Tins – $2

Polar Express & Chipmunks – $2

“What to Expect” books – $2 (Just in case!)

Sailboat painting – $5 (I have plans for this frame)

Andrew’s new favorite toy (ahem, figurine) , Ironman – $3 (sweet deal, it talks! Haha)

Enjoy the pics!


3 responses to “Garage Sale Finds!

  1. Aww, you’ve got the baby bug…. Anyway, that frame is such a deal for $5! I’m so irritated when I go into thrift stores and their frames/art are pricey. I can buy jeans for $1.50, but an ugly picture with a cool frame is $15??

    • Baby bug? Noooo. I’m actually really content with no baby yet, I thought I might soften quickly. I definitely want a baby, but I just don’t have that nagging feeling that it should be now.. You know????

      I know! I’m sure the frame was worth more than 5 bucks. My goal is to make a nifty chalkboard out of it. We’ll see how that works.. lol.

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