DIY Solution: Dirty Kitchen Towels

Call me weird, but I like everything to have a place. If it has a home, it can’t be lost… assuming you put it in it’s home. Well, for a few months I’ve been frustrated that the dirty kitchen towels either sit on the counters in the kitchen until I gather them all up, or they sit in a pile in the laundry room (which isn’t very big). I don’t want to run a tiny load of towels, that seems like a waste. I also don’t like running them with my bath towels or clothes. What to do. We only have one shelf in our laundry room, and with three adult roommates we have lots of our own detergents. I was gonna try to squeeze it all together and use a cute basket to gather, but that just didn’t seem like it’d work like I wanted.. plus no room. So, I was thinking… it’d be great if I could find a hanging basket. Didn’t think it existed, but I knew exactly what I wanted in my head… I will wait to find the perfect solution, I told myself.

My friend Amanda and I were hanging out on Wednesday at one of my favorite stores, World Market. Looking through the baskets, I told her my dilemma. THEN. I turned the corner and saw it.

Ten bucks is a little more than I like to spend on baskets, because I know you can find them SUPER cheap at Goodwill or garage sales. But, this was special… So after some thought, I decided to just get it. I got to the register, grabbed the tag because it was just loose inside the basket… Then I started laughing.

Well, you know.. They spelled it wrong. But totally made it for me, I just know it. With this, I was able to make my solution with some ribbon, my ikea frames, chalkboard painted paper, and hot glue!


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