All about Roux. Minus the flour and butter. But kinda not.

Today I feel like writing about our dog, Roux. As I was endlessly filing all my 2,000 photos from my iPhone onto my Google drive, I realized how much this sweet pup makes me smile.

We had been married only 2 weeks when we began feeling the puppy fever. Seeing all our friends with puppies, wanting one of our own, but knowing we had only been married such a short time. A puppy would be a lot of work. A puppy might distract us from each other, after all it had only been 2 weeks! We went to a few Petlands, where we held some pup’s.. but we made no connection with them. We decided it wasn’t time, we would rather rescue one anyway. A few days later we got the text, “We found a stray dog, we think it’d be great for you” from a friend of ours. Attached was this photo:

Andrew was unsure. I mean.. what is it? Ears. I personally have a tender heart to those with ears full of character. We agreed to go at least meet him, see if we got some sort of “feeling”. I don’t know if we had a feeling, but I knew I couldn’t just let him fend for himself. He had been cleaned up by the family, but they said he was really dirty. He had urine stains all over his legs and tail as well…they didn’t come out for weeks. The kids had named him “Roo” because he jumped like a kangaroo. I agreed with the name, but changed it to “Roux”… He looks like butter and flour after all.  The family already had a dog of their own, I mean.. what were we to do? We took him straight to the vet to see if he had a chip. He did not. So, we took him for the night, which we hardly slept due to his whining. The next day we searched all over the internet for news of a lost dog, but found nothing.  We tried calling out random names to figure out what his name might have been, if he ever had one… We never succeeded. We decided to keep him for a little longer, see if we were ready for this. Ready or not though, there we were.

He couldn’t be left alone for any amount of time without ruining something, I’m pretty sure the shoe count (mostly mine) is up to about 9. He learned the potty training pretty quickly, but struggled when he got really excited. He wasn’t cuddly at first, he seemed to always want jump on me and nip me. There were many days I wanted to give up on him. It seemed like every two weeks something was wrong with him, and we were shelling out a pretty penny for him. He gained 13 lbs in the first two weeks we had him, he was definitely hungry. I could tell he was starting to love us, trust us. This is probably the day I fell in love with him.

So, here is a short run down of some “fun”, or maybe just memorable, memories we’ve had with Roux in the last 6 months.

The first time he went up the stairs, each step got him a treat, he was very nervous.

The way he seems to smile.

The time he ate a whole stick of butter.

The two nights we spent cleaning up the butter in other forms.

The day we got him to shake and to play dead when we say “bang!”

The afternoon he decided he wanted to chase the Sandhill cranes around the pond.

The day he decided to eat a bunch of raw flour to look like he had a drug problem.

The first time he lifted his leg to pee on a tree, he looked at me like “Look at me Mom!”…. As he was peeing on his own leg.

The day he met Mr. Turtle!

The way he still chases his tail like it’s not a part of him.

The day we realized he gets a “red-rocket” every time we eat muffins. So weird.

The day he first swam.

The day he ate part of my fresh blueberry cake.

The day he got fixed.

The night we realized he really enjoys watching TV, especially The Voice.

The day he peed on another dogs head at the park.

The day he got attacked by said dog.

The days when we’re trying to work on our laptops, and he promptly puts his hands on the keyboard to prevent you from typing.

The evening we had our photo shoot and he pooped as soon as he got inside the studio.

The weekend we got a puppy soft serve from Jeremiah’s.

The way he sleeps in the weirdest positions!

The day we realized he might be cuter than us.

Since I spend the majority of the week at home due to my odd schedule, Roux has become my companion during the day. Sometimes he really drives me crazy, and other times he completely melts my heart. He has caused Andrew and I to laugh until we cry. He has taught us responsibility and scheduling. Sometimes I wish he could tell us he loves us too, but I think he’s saying it in his own language. I think God sent little Roux to us, for reasons we might not realize yet. Something has to be said for something that can make you smile day after day.

Find it,



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