Well, hello world. Again.

I took a “poll” a few weeks ago on Facebook to see if people wanted me to start blogging again. Turns out, people did! How fun! So, here I am, starting this up again. A whole new blog, a whole new approach. I’m going to truly try to dedicate time to this! Here are my goals and thoughts for this blog:

1. Post at least every 3 days. I think this is reasonable, considering my schedule is a little wonky compared to most. I work Thursday-Saturday, but sometimes it gets crazy and I work all week. I think 3 days is a great goal for me.

2. Have FUN! I recall feeling pressured and disappointed in myself when I didn’t blog regularly… this isn’t supposed to be a chore! I enjoy writing and sharing, and I need to do it when I feel inspired… and enjoy it!

3. I tend to be a master of all trades sort of gal, so picking one specific area to focus on wasn’t for me. I’ve come up with categories to sort of organize myself a bit.  Believe, Create, Taste, and Cherish. What I discovered last night while drawing out a mind-map of all my thoughts regarding this blog, is that many of my ideas fit into multiple categories. I’ll post a picture of the map, my drawing skills are clearly lacking … because I look like some sort of evil rock star instead of a sweet chef holding a spoon and a hammer.



Did you laugh? I hope so. I sure did. Luckily for me Andrew is great at drawing, so he can help the LGs (little Gassens) with that in the future.

4. I’ve noticed such a great sense of community among bloggers, and I’d love to be a part of that. I’ve recently been reading a lot of blogs from Christian wives, and they truly are inspirational! I also do a lot of reading in the DIY blogs, which is sometimes good and bad… I do love a project! This will be great for family and friends to keep up with the G’s, and hopefully reach further to other readers!

5. Plan better! I’ve read that a lot of bloggers actually plan out what they going to blog before sitting down to write, this is new to me. Previously, I just plopped down and went, which is why sometimes I had nothing to say. I hadn’t thought about it, I had writers block. I’ve already got a list of things I can blog about, as well as things I can blog about once I finish certain projects. I’m hoping this approach will keep me on task for making my every 3 days goal.


Well, I’ve got dessert in the oven for dinner at the Perin’s tonight. I’m making pavlova, which will be the topic of my next post. I’ve got 18 minutes left on my timer, I’m really hoping it turns out great! I’ve got the About page up, check it out!

Be on the lookout for my next post!


Find It,




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